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Our Guarantee

If your child does not absolutely love their first day at camp, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Sorry, but no refunds will be offered after two days of camp.

Swim Safety Rules

We take swim safety very seriously. We want to assure you that we have put many safety precautions in place and our staff are well trained in supervising group swims. In fact, many of the swim policies and procedures we invented many years ago are now part of the City of Ottawa regulations for all swim groups and specifically camps.

  1. Our swim policies are firm. "If you don't follow our rules, you don't swim."
  2. 5 and 6 year olds DO NOT ATTEND OUR AFTERNOON SWIMS. They will instead visit local splash pads or remain at the school for afternoon activities including arts and crafts, movies, sports and cooperative games.
  3. All 7 year olds and older must complete a swim test every day before they start their swim. Every camper must attempt to swim approximately 25 meters (75 feet) unassisted (our staff are in the water). If a camper chooses not to do the test or is unable to complete the test without assistance, we will make sure they put on a lifejacket. At this point, they will have a second wristband (orange in color) put on to identify them as a "lifejacket kid". All campers wearing a lifejacket will be placed in a group of 3 or 4 campers and assigned to a specific counselor who will stay with the group at all times.
  4. At the Wave Pool, as per the City of Ottawa rules, 7 year olds must wear a lifejacket and be closely supervised by our staff. They may not attempt the swim test. 8 to 12 year olds must complete a swim test on every visit.
  5. All campers (and staff) will wear a colored wristband to identify them as campers with Camps Canada.
  6. All campers will be paired up with a buddy for the duration of the swim.
  7. "Lifejacket kids" must keep their lifejackets on for the duration of the swim. We have a zero tolerance policy for kids who remove their own lifejacket. Those who do, will be removed from the pool and sit out the rest of the swim. We will inform mom and dad at the end of the day and discuss the procedure for our next swim.

Age Groups

Campers are divided by age (not gender) into the following Cabin Groups:

Freshman5, 6 year olds (insurance states:campers must be 5 on the first day of camp)
Sophomore7, 8 year olds
Junior9, 10 year olds
Senior11, 12 year olds

There is always at least one Teacher, Senior Staff or Returning Staff with each Cabin Group.

Friend Requests

We can accommodate requests for siblings and friends to be in the same Cabin Group as long as they are fairly close in age. Obviously, we can not group a 5 year old with an 11 year old during sports time. Campers do spend a fair bit of time together at our afternoon activities. Please provide friend requests on your registration form.

Pre and Post Camp Care

There is no fee for our pre and post camp care hours.

Pre-camp hours: 7:30 am to 8:30 am
(many off-site camps leave our locations at 9:00am sharp)
Camp hours: 8:30 to 4:30pm
Post-camp hours: 4:30 to 5:30pm.

If you plan to pick your child up early from camp, be sure to communicate this to the Camp Director so he/she can tell you where campers will be at your desired pick up time.

, Sign-Out

YOU MUST PRESENT PHOTO IDENTIFICATION EVERY DAY when picking up your child. This will help to ensure the safety of your child. You are asked to sign your child in and out each day. This allows us to track your child's attendance and for security reasons to make sure that we know who is picking them up at the end of the day.

Lunch Plan (optional)

Our lunch plan is optional and may be added for a fee at the time of registration.

5 day weeks: $34/week
4 day weeks: $28/week

All food and snacks provided by Camps Canada are "NUT FREE".

Along with the main course, campers also receive a beverage (juice or Gatorade) and a dessert like cookies, rice crispie squares or granola bars.

MondayPizza Pizza
TuesdaySubway sandwiches
WednesdayAll Beef Hotdogs
ThursdaySubway sandwiches
FridayPizza Pizza

Campers will be asked to choose the type and quantity of pizza, subway and hotdogs on their first day of camp each week.

Pizza choices are 1 or 2 slices: cheese only or cheese and pepperoni.

Subway choices are 6 inch or 12 inch on white bread: HAM (cheese, lettuce, ham) or VEGETARIAN (cheese, lettuce, tomato) or 3 MEAT (cheese, lettuce, pepperoni, bologna, salami). Mayonnaise and mustard are provided on the side only.

Adding Lunch to an Existing Registration

The deadline for adding the lunch plan to your existing registration is June 15.

Before June 15, you can add the lunch plan to your registration by sending a bank transfer by email to matt@campscanada.com or by calling the office to make payment by credit card.

Nut Awareness

Camps Canada provides a nut free camp environment. We do not provide any foods that contain nuts and nut products and we strongly encourage families to refrain from sending foods with nut products to camp.

Staff training regarding life threatening allergies ensures a proactive approach to food safety. Our staff are CPR and First Aid trained so that they will respond appropriately should there be an anaphylactic reaction.


Our counselor to camper ratio is always a minimum of 1:8. There is always at least one Teacher, Senior Staff or Returning Staff with each Cabin Group.

Reluctant, First-Time Campers

For many children, attending camp is the highlight of their summer. For others, usually first-timers, preparing for camp can cause a great deal of anxiety. For them, a new environment, meeting new friends, and adjusting to a new counselor are events that may cause discomfort and apprehension. Not to worry. "I won't go" or "I don't want to go" are not unexpected responses. With care and positive exposure to camp, apprehension quickly disappears.

Part-time campers

Unfortunately, we do not allow campers to sign up for only specific days of the week. Payment must be made for the entire week.

Managing Your Account

You can view and manage your account by signing in to your secure Camps Canada account using your Email and Password. This will allow you to change information online, like your mailing address, telephone numbers, email, etc. If you lose your password, simply use the 'reset password' feature available on the registration site.


Unfortunately, starting with the 2017 taxation year, the Children's Activity Tax Credit is no longer available.

As soon as you complete registration, you will receive an automated confirmation be email. You can see and print your receipt online after signing in to your account.


As soon as you complete registration, you will receive an automated confirmation be email.

Post-Dated Cheques

You may pay your camp fees by post-dated cheque. However, please be advised that your child's spot in camp for that week is not guaranteed until your cheque has been received in our office. In order to reserve your spot instantly, please complete our online registration form and make payment by electronic bank transfer or credit card. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the camp fill up before your cheque has been received.

Cancel Registration

No changes or cancellations are permitted inside 7 days before the start of your camp week.

Requests for cancellation must be made using our Cancellation Form. Our deadline for cancellation is June 1, 2018. After this date, you have two options to choose from when cancelling a registration. Please note your choices below. Option 1
Refund Cheque - You can receive a refund cheque for your full amount paid less a $50 cancellation fee.

Option 2
Credit Note - You can receive a credit note for your full amount paid with no cancellation fee. This credit note allows you to register in a Camps Canada camp at a future date this summer or next. Your credit note will expire on Sept 1 of next year. Your camp credit is transferable to any person and may be used for any Camps Canada camp.

Change Registration

No changes or cancellations are permitted inside 7 days before the start of your camp week.

Change Requests must be made using our Change Form. Our deadline for changes to your registration is June 1, 2018. After this date, a change fee of $20 per change will be levied. We will provide confirmation by email of your change once we have received:
1. Your online "Change Form".
2. Payment of $20 per change.

Horseback Waiver

All parents with children attending Horseback Camp will need to complete a Horseback Waiver at the time of registration. The system will not let you proceed without completing the form.

Extreme Heat Policy

A heat warning is automatically declared when Environment Canada forecasts a humidex of 40 or more for at least two consecutive days.
Our staff understand the damaging effects of overexposure to the sun's rays and so we have established some specific policies that protect our campers and still allow them to enjoy the outdoors. Our staff teach campers to protect themselves by asking them to do the following:
1. wear a hat
2. wear light coloured clothing
3. always wear sunscreen - water proof sunscreens are designed to last the entire day including up to an hour in the water. Sunscreen reminders are made several times throughout the day and campers are encouraged and assisted by counselors to re-apply during the day. Waterproof sunscreen should be applied at home prior to arriving at camp.
4. stay in the shade or in the pool as much as possible
5. take frequent breaks
6. increase fluid intake

Rain or Shine

All camps will operate rain or shine. However, as disappointing as it is, we reserve the right to hold back our off-site camps due to rain and especially forecasts of thudershowers and lightning. We will make decisions at camp on a case by case basis. Golf, Horseback and Swim Camps in particular will be affected. These campers will have a choice to join either our regularly scheduled indoor Arts and Crafts or MultiSport programs. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for inclement weather.

Camper Illness

Staff and campers who are ill are asked to stay home. We don't want the illness to spread to others at camp. No refunds, credits or make-up days are provided for sickness or vacations.

Administering Medication

Camps Canada will administer medication only after parents have provided detailed information on their child's medical form. The Medical Form will need to be completed at the time of registration. The system will not let you proceed without completing the form.

Epipens, Life-threatening Allergies

We have a perfect safety record in dealing with life-threatening allergies. In today's climate it's something that is quite common. Staff training regarding life threatening allergies ensures a proactive approach to safety. Our staff are CPR and First Aid trained so that they will respond appropriately should there be an anaphylactic reaction. Please be sure to provide details on your child's Medical Form at the time of registration.

Please bring two (2) epipens and one (1) photo of your child to camp. Your child should keep an epipen on them at all times (in a fanny pack) and we will keep the other in our first aid kit, which is always close by. Sending a small photo of this camper is also very helpful.

Sale items, Price Adjustments

Camps Canada will refund the difference to you if an item's price drops within 7 days of your purchase date. Regular-priced items are eligible for price adjustments, but previous discounted items (ie. earlybird discounts, priority pricing discounts) are not eligible for price adjustments.

Lost and Found

There are two laws of camp Lost and Found. First, more is lost than found. And second, if it can get lost, it will. On a regular basis we try to comb through the Lost and Found bin to reunite articles with their owners. To make the process easier, please label everything clearly.

Despite our best efforts to return lost articles to their owners during the summer, there are always, inevitably, several bags of Lost and Found at the end of the season. It continues to be our policy to make every attempt to return any labelled clothing at the end of the summer. Lost and Found is brought to our office in late August where it may be picked up. We will phone you and let you know that the found item is in the office.

After SEPTEMBER 1, all unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to a local charity.